Raising public awareness

National media interest appears to be on the decline and local media is, arguably, biased in favour of badger culling. However, over the last decade or so, public consultations and both Government and independent polls consistently show that people are opposed to badger culling for many reasons, both moral and scientific. Not for nothing is this policy opposed by the consensus of leading independent scientific thinking in this country.

The Government and farming industry is banking on ‘us’ losing heart and giving up, so continuing to raise public awareness is vital. This can be achieved by:

Writing letters to MPs, organisations such as the Soil Association, British Veterinary Association, National Trust, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and other conservation organisations.

Talking to friends, work colleagues and acquaintances about the issues surrounding the cull but it can be, undeniably tricky.

Distributing leaflets locally or at local events and using social media effectively.

Holding public meetings with an array of speakers can go hand-in-hand with personal invitations to farmers, vets and conservation groups such as the local Wildlife Trusts in order to try to meaningfully engage with those who hold opposing views.

Running stalls at relevant local events is useful for both fundraising and engaging with those who may not know why the Government and farming industry’s fixation on a badger cull is fundamentally flawed.

After three years of exposure, we’ve got some ideas on how to make these methods work most effectively, so please contact us for help on:

  • Writing a press release
  • Writing letters
  • Leaflets: what turns people on (and what turns people off)
  • Holding public meetings
  • Running a stall