Government U-turn on badger cull policy?

As we wait for the numbers of badgers that were killed courtesy of the Government’s badger cull policy during 2019/20, the Government dropped a bombshell into the mix. A long awaited response to the Godfray report included an unexpected pledge that intensive badger culling would be ‘phased’ out in favour of large scale, industry-led badger vaccination. Mainstream media briefly abandoned the coronavirus stories to carry extensive stories on the Government’s new approach with some campaigners calling it a ‘U-turn’. What is certain is that the Government’s strategy is far more focused on cattle measures than before with much less mention of badgers.

For now, it looks as if supplementary culling will be replaced with badger vaccination whilst it may be possible that new areas will not be licenced this year. However a word of caution: activists should not relax though for will the Government actually follow through these words with action? So, as always, make this the year to join your local group, if you’ve not already done so. Details here.