For individuals

If you’re an individual wanting to know how you can help badgers, we can put you in touch with a group in your local area. Have a look at our Useful links page to see what’s in your county. If you are outside a cull zone, but wish to travel into one of the zones to help out, please contact us for more information.

If you can’t travel, there’s still plenty you can do to help stand up for badgers. Link up with a group online and help with fundraising or see our Raising public awareness page, where there’s help offered for lobbying MPs or national organisations effectively. Most local groups would also appreciate help with basic administration.

Last but not least, since the Government is consistently less than transparent with releasing information on the badger culls, various individuals have become skilled in tackling this by submitting Freedom of Information requests. We have drawn up a leaflet that is helpful for both groups and individuals.

A recent case brought by one individual against Natural England shows how effective this approach can be.  It’s important to note that despite claims to the contrary by both the Government and the NFU, backed up local and national media, the tribunal stated that:

“…lobbying participants, using lawful methods, to try to persuade them to stop participating in the badger culls is perfectly legitimate in a democratic society”

“…harassment and intimidation of farmers are not widespread as has been claimed”

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Link to Full Judgement