140,830 badgers killed by culling since 2013


Later than usual, the Government has released the total number of badgers killed in 2020’s badger cull. However, in a further 10 areas, cull operatives in supplementary cull zones are killing badgers until 31 January 2021, so these figures won’t be released until late March 2021.

Year on year, as the badger cull expands, thousands more badgers are killed. This year, so far, 38,642 bringing the total to a staggering, inconceivable 140,830 badgers slaughtered since the culls began in 2013.

More details of 2020’s badger cull operations here:

  • Annex A1 shows that no-one can estimate the number of badgers from sett data alone.
  • Annex A2 reveals that many of the zones were allowed to kill badgers far beyond the original target of 42 days.
  • Annex B contains information on the so-called ‘humaneness’ of the cull.

To help save badgers in your area and beyond, please find your local badger campaign group here and contact them now!