Sample email to Defra

The public consultation on expanding the cull to eight more counties in England is the catalyst for this email. It now represents the greatest onslaught on a native mammal in living memory. It is unjustified on both moral and scientific grounds. And, in order to pursue the policy, the Government, MPs and Ministers repeatedly lie which makes me question both the democratic process and integrity of our country.

The result is a bitterly divisive policy that has split families and communities.

It is a policy that is increasingly foolish for we live in a country where biodiversity is under threat with both species and populations declining fast. So why target a healthy population with the explicit intention of removing at least 70% of its numbers?

There is no reason why a wise Government would not manage bTB more effectively – if the will was there, the evidence shows that the disease could be lived with.

Instead we have a policy that is rife with contradictions.

Inadequate monitoring means that there is flagrant disregard for animal welfare, best practice guidelines, adherence to licence conditions, confusion in the public, demonisation of badgers, increase in badger persecution and an increasing disregard for public safety and health.