It appears that in an effort to sanitise the badger cull, the farming industry is keen to demonise badgers in many ways including blaming them for the dramatic decline in other species such as bumblebees, hedgehogs, hares and ground-nesting birds such as skylarks.

To counter this, it’s useful to try and keep up to date with the evidence base. So, from time to time we’ll include links to relevant items.


Are there too many badgers?

Is the badger population out of control? – evidence-based information to discount this assertion.

Do badgers kill bumblebees?

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust states “We aren’t really sure how the badger predation affects the populations of the bees though. It must do some harm, but badgers are natural predators of bumblebees so it’s not something we are too concerned about” and outlines the other natural predators including robins, great tits, spiders, wasps and flies.

However, widespread scientific evidence both nationally and internationally points at humans being most responsible for the dramatic decline in many species of bumblebee worldwide due to pesticides such as neonicotinoids, climate change and the intensification of farming practices. More information can be found here.

Do badgers kill hedgehogs?

PTES and British Hedgehog Preservation Society statement (scroll down the page)

Do badgers kill ground-nesting birds?

Why killing badgers won’t save our skylarks