Massive expansion of badger cull confirmed

On 7 September, the Government finally published the licences that confirmed a massive expansion of badger killing across the country.  Although the Government states that it intends to ‘phase out intensive badger culling in the next few years’, it is obviously comfortable with culling thousands more badgers before that point.

Supplementary culling licences  that extend the badger killing season to eight months a year have also been expanded and were issued in May to attempt eradication of a native species at a time when extinction of species across the world is increasing at a record rate is beyond comprehension.

The UK Government has an appalling record at conserving its own wildlife habitats and biodiversity yet is well known for telling other countries what to do to conserve their species. The heartland of the European badger is in England yet this Government is willing to sacrifice the species on the altar of political expediency.

Our badgers need you more than ever and you can help them to save them. Take the first step by looking at the big list of groups helping to save badgers in their various counties and get in touch now!

You can also contact us here at Badger Action Network for more information.