Help the badgers in 2020

In 2019-2020, the badger cull took place over a total of 43 zones. A total of 35,034 badgers were killed with the largest percentage free-shot. The British Veterinary Association has condemned the method as inhumane. A comprehensive analysis of the data with links to the original Government documents can be found here.

Killing in supplementary cull zones is expected to start on 1st June 2020. On 15 May 2020, Natural England issued licences for the original supplementary cull zones of West Somerset, West Gloucestershire and Dorset plus, for the first time, an area within Herefordshire and new areas within Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Gloucestershire.

Specific information with cull targets can be found here and information on what supplementary culling is can be found here.

It is expected that licences for the 33 remaining areas plus new areas will be issued in mid-August, so DON’T DELAY!

Find your local group or contact Badger Action Network to see how you can help the badgers this year.