Government kills 66,985 badgers in disastrous culls

66985 badgers killed

On 18 December, the Government announced the results of 2018’s badger cull. Sadly, the 2018 total is 32,601 and set to rise with supplementary culling by free-shooting still ongoing in the two original zones of West Somerset and Gloucestershire (see more on supplementary culling here).

At this point, the total number of badgers killed since this badger cull policy was implemented in 2013 is a shocking 66,985.

The Government published more documents to try and justify their badger cull policy.

Meanwhile, the press summarised the results and highlighted the defects in the Government position:

Record 32,000 badgers shot in annual cull | Environment | The Guardian

More than 30,000 badgers killed over autumn in largest cull ever, figures show | The Independent

In October, a group of experts undermined Government claims that the badger cull has been effective in reducing incidents of bovine TB in cull zones:

Minister’s claim that badger cull cuts cattle TB is attacked by experts | Environment | The Guardian

This was particularly important as these claims are used by Government and the farming industry to underpin the expansion of the badger cull.

In November, the Godfray report commissioned by the Government was highly critical of both the farming industry and Government ministers. It revealed that simple measures such as secure fencing to prevent TB transmission aren’t implemented and that this, together with 2 million movements of cattle every year and an ineffective cattle testing regime, is “severely hampering disease control measures“.

With the farming industry still blaming badgers rather than putting their own house in order, badgers all over the country need your help.

Make 2019 the year that you stand up for your local badgers!

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