A shocking 64,400 badgers could be killed this year

On 11 September 2019, Defra published the Letters of Authorisation for 11 new areas and, at the same time, released the minimum and maximum target figures for zones already subject to culling.

There are now FORTY zones within England that can kill badgers under licence for six weeks.

In addition, on 20 June, letters of authorisation were issued for further supplementary culling in THREE areas in Gloucestershire, Somerset and Dorset. More on what supplementary culling means can be found here.

There is NO evidence that this slaughter is helping to reduce bovine TB incidents within cattle herds. In fact, Government figures show that in West Gloucestershire after SIX years of culling badgers, the rate of incidents of bovine TB has increased by 130%. See article here.

Remember that 67,259 badgers have been killed in the Government’s badger cull policy since 2013. It is, without doubt, a massacre of a much-loved native species for no good reason at all. So please get in touch with your local group here to find out how you can help.